Mireia [miˈɾeja] is my name.

  • Don’t attempt to pronounce it without help. Get a Catalan friend or check out the right pronunciation here. Still feeling uncomfortable? Call me Mir.

  • A proud Barcelona creature living the expat life. 

  • Today a Dubai habibti in search of the Arabian desert magic. Tomorrow is a mystery.

  • Incapable of nominating the best place to live in the world. Yet. 

  • There is always something to improve. Every. Single. Day. 

  • Wide open is what drives me. In photography. In life. Eternal apprentice on the go.

  • Natural light and natural beauty explorer. And everything that makes my soul shout and my body move.

  • Twin treasurer. The number two suddenly got to a whole new level. 

  • One blink, life reshapes. Two blinks, life offers incredible unexpected paths. Embrace it.

  • My mission, never stop blinking...Twice at a time.

Thank you for joining me in this beautiful rollercoaster ride.