Isolated Yoga

Another inspiring session with @mylenepezzottiyoga in the Dubai desert roads.

Would you play with Charlie?

Another collaboration with professional make up artist Claudia Guzman (@claudiaguzmanmakeup). Her talent, dedication and creativity keep me on my toes! 

Architectural Yoga

A fun session with two amazing subjects, the dedicated Mylene Pezzotti (@mylenepezzottiyoga) and the impecable Etihad Museum (@etihadmuseum). Dubai, life of contrasts...

New York, New York...

There is something about this city that makes mw want to jump, scream and dance...

Shining within

I find first time mothers to be so gorgeous. Not only because of all the physical effects of pregnancy, which I find miraculous, but also for the mysterious look in their eyes. The excitement of the unknown. The anxiety that this uncertainty brings... An emotional cocktail taking place at the same time in the same body. Sensations they will never repeat again. A serene and fascinating panic attack. Best of luck!